Fifth Edition



Through the eyes of a taxi driver we will witness three love stories located in different neighborhoods of Guayaquil. We will meet a widowed teacher who rediscovers love through the music of an unexpected person, the love between two boys begins to emerge in a repair shop and a lady who loves cats who finds love in the least expected way. In this anniversary edition, love comes from everywhere. Guayaquil recovers and becomes active again, demonstrating the warmth of its places and the love of its people.


DURACIÓN: 51 min

GENRE: Drama - Romance

YEAR: 2021

Guayaquil - Ecuador





Jorge Anibal Cassis as Xavier

Alicia Macías as Martina

David Castro as Emilio

Margarita León as Beatríz

Ciro Andrade as Martina’s Son


Script: Adriana Pazmiño, Kevin Vargas, Nahomi Corrales, Gabriela Muñoz

Directed by Daniel Hernández

Cinematography by: Jorge Fajardo

Camera Operator: Jorge Fajardo

Camera Assistant: Alfonso Díaz

Sound: Paola Ortiz Ledesma

Casting: María Emilia Vela

Production manager: Pamela Cobo

Production Assistant: Daniel Hernández

Executive Producer: Pamela Cobo 

Art Director: Pamela Cobo

Sound Editing: Paola Ortiz Ledesma

Mixing: Carolina Cobo

Editing: María Emilia Vela, Alfonso Díaz, Pamela Cobo and Jorge Fajardo

Making of: Paola Ortiz Ledesma and Jorge Fajardo


Juan Diego Lindao

José Torres

Juan Edmundo Jordán

Andrés Solano

Piedad Sinchi


Iztel Cuevas as Susana

Diego Naranjo as Roberto

Alcira Mugica as Susana’s Mother

Lissette Bernabe as the girl in the park y Roberto’s lover

Pata Pata as Panchito

Gonzalo Villamar as Willian

Kevin Bacusoy as the guy in the park, Janitor and extra in the restaurant

Joselyn Agusto as the girl in the park


Script: Fernando Cevallos, María José Merchán, Fiorella Freire, Isabella Larrea

Directed by Joselyn Agusto

Production Manager: Salomé Muñoz

Cinematography: Salomé Muñoz

Lightning by Tommy Ling

Foley: Tommy Ling y Salomé Muñoz

Boom: Kevin Bacusoy

Musicalization: Tommy Ling 

Post Production: Kevin Bacusoy


Natsumi Restaurant

Location: Karla Tulcán


Miguel Palacio as José

Ariel Zoller as Mario

Fernando Galbez as Don Roberto

Gabriel Gallardo as Mechanistic 1

Oscar David as Mechanistic 2

Omar Vega as Mechanistic 3


Script: Jan Ledeboer, Jorge Sotomayor, Juan Zambrano, Luis Amador

Directed by Joselyn Agusto

First Assitant Director: Salome Muñoz

Cinematography by Sebastián Rendón

Production Manager: Salomé Muñoz

Assitant Camera: Tommy Ling

Camera Operator: Sebastián Rendón

Making of: Tommy Ling

Produced by Joselyn Agusto

Casting: Barbara Fernándes

Art Director: Barbara Fernándes

Boom: Kevin Bacusoy

Edited by Sebastián Rendón y Tommy Ling


Taller mecánico “Auto Aire”

Picanteria “El lechón”


Elizabeth Zambrano
Andrés Garzón
Paulina Castillo
Sebastián Rendón
Jorge Fajardo
Tommy Ling
Raúl Zambrano


Directed by Daniel Hernández, Joselyn Agusto

Casting: Bárbara Fernandes

Cinematography by Jorge Fajardo, Sebastián Rendón and Alfonso Diaz-Granados Piana

Sound by Joselyn Agusto, Tommy Ling

Produced by Salomé Muñoz, Pamela Cobo, Daniel Hernández

Edited by Kevin Bacusoy, Salomé Muñoz

Sound editing by Paola Ortiz


1. Todo lo que había deseado – David ASC

2. Sola sin tu amor – Orquesta La Diferencia

3. La sed de optimista – Adelhaid

4. Transformado – Jazz the roots

5. Umbral – Jazz the roots

6. Limosnas – Fonocasters

This feature film was developed and shot entirely in Guayaquil between September 2020 and July 2021, within the framework of the subjects «Film and TV Script» and «Dramatic Production 2» by teachers Santiago Toral Reyes and Diana Pacheco, respectively.

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