What happens with love in a tropical city? Do we love the same in Guayaquil, the same way they do in Manhattan, Paris, or Rio de Janeiro? Most likely, the answer will be “yes”, but we wanted to discover it hand in hand with our students from the Audiovisual Communication and Performing Arts career at “Universidad Casa Grande”. Inspired by the films of “City of Love”, such as ‘Paris, je t’aime’; ‘New York, I love you’; etc., in 2016 it occurred to us to dream that Guayaquil was also city for love, and that each of its neighborhoods hid their own stories, deserving to be told.


In this new edition, get to explore more neighborhoods of our city and learn about these 4 love stories that develop in them. Follow Felipe, who after inheriting a restaurant from his late parents, strives to maintain the prestige that it once had. In the south of the city, Maritza tries to save her home and the memories within it, while risking to push her loved ones away in the process. At another point in the city, three youngsters live a fun mess of a teenage romance. And finally, a woman returns to her hometown, where she reencounters an old love.


Through the eyes of a taxi driver we will witness three love stories located in different neighborhoods of Guayaquil. We will meet a widowed teacher who rediscovers love through the music of an unexpected person, the love between two boys begins to emerge in a repair shop and a lady who loves cats who finds love in the least expected way. In this anniversary edition, love comes from everywhere. Guayaquil recovers and becomes active again, demonstrating the warmth of its places and the love of its people.


What about love in a tropical city? In Guayaquil, do we love the same way as in Manhattan Paris or Rio de Janeiro? Probably yes, but we wanted to discover it from the hand of our Audiovisual Communication and Performing Arts students at “Universidad Casa Grande”. Inspired by the “City of Love” films (Paris, je t’aime, New York, I love you, etc.) in 2016, it occurred to us to dream that Guayaquil was also a city for love and that each of its neighborhoods hid stories that deserved to be told.


A motorcycle is the vehicle which will take us to meet the love stories that Guayaquil hides: a woman dedicated to her children who feels her world change when a younger man arrives to her life; an elderly gentleman in La Ferroviaria, who rushes to El Malecón to avoid missing an encounter with his wife, who recently passed away. Regardless, the youth is also there as a resentful son who returns to the country to take care of his mother…



Three generations are present in this edition that covers eight neighborhoods of Guayaquil: a teenager girl living via a Samborondón, who wants to have a boyfriend at any cost; a boy from La Saiba, decides to formalize his relationship with a woman older than him, which causes problems at a family lunch; and a couple in Las Peñas neighborhood have an argument that endangers their relationship. These and other stories that make up this edition show us a Guayaquil equal to its weather…


In Guayaquil, the city of heat, emotions are always at a boiling point. The protagonists of these seven stories live their lives in parallel. To the south of the city, a woman who has been married for more than thirty years, keeps in a trunk the memories of a past lover; at the north, a young man finds long-lost desire; and in downtown, buried deep within bright eyes and a confident smile, lies the fear of loneliness of a city girl…